Webinar: March 13, 2020 -10AM - 11:30AM

The Transformative In-Prison Workgroup and the Fight for Healing in Prison

Meet the Californians bringing healing and transformative programs to state prisons, and hear how a growing statewide campaign is calling for 1% of the corrections budget to be reinvested in community-run prison programs.

Convening: December 13-14, 2019 at Pitzer College

Annual Gathering of In-Prison Program Providers

Webinar: April 23, 2019 | 3PM - 4:30PM

Pre/Post Surveys | Making the Case for Community-Run In-Prison Programs

This first ever webinar, presented by Angela Irvine from Ceres Policy Research, will help prepare TPW coalition members to run our own assessment and evaluation on our programs! We know that evidence-based research is expensive and time consuming, and that many of our member groups do not have the resources to implement assessments in addition to running quality programs inside CDCR. We also know that the California legislature and CDCR are applying increasing pressure to deliver evidence-based programs.


In this webinar, we talk about:

  • Understanding what constitutes “research”

  • The measures and framework  that CDCR is working within (“criminogenic” needs)

  • How to develop  that work outside this framework

  • Workshop sample survey questions for your group

  • Discover the benefits of collaborative evaluation.

If you are interested in joining our collective efforts to implement community-based assessments, please complete this survey after viewing the webinar recording: Creating Groups for Community Based Assessments of Transformative In-Prison Programs