Anti-Recidivism Coalition

Empowering formerly and currently incarcerated people to thrive by providing a support network, comprehensive services, and opportunities to advocate for policy change.

Barrios Unidos

Promoting multicultural social justice, nonviolence and economic equity through cultural healing, civic leadership and youth & community development.

California Coalition for Women Prisoners

Monitoring and challenging the abusive conditions inside California women’s prisons. Fighting for the release of women and trans prisoners. Supporting women and trans people in their process of re-entering the community.

Center For Council

Delivering programs and trainings that promote communication, enhance well-being, build community, and foster compassion.

Coaching for Healing and Non-Violence

Bringing the rigor of the Coaching Certification program utilized by Leadership That Works to 26 men that are peer educators, teachers, facilitators and mentors at CSP Lancaster.

Compassion Prison Project

Compassion Prison Project (CPP) focuses on bringing adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and trauma awareness to prisons and communities. We’ve created compassion-based curricula for people who have experienced ACEs, empowering them with awareness, information and tools for healing.

Family UNIty Network

Striving to build leadership of family members in the communities most affected by incarceration.

Hustle 2.0

Hustle 2.0 is an innovative educational program designed to equip incarcerated people with the tools to transform their lives, impact, and hustle.

Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program

An educational program with an innovative pedagogical approach tailored to effectively facilitate dialogue across difference.

Insight Prison Project

Transforming the lives of those impacted by crime and incarceration through evidenced-based programs designed to develop behavior inspired by insight, accountability, and compassion.

Paws for Life K9 Rescue

Pulling dogs from city and county shelters and placing them with incarcerated trainers throughout California State Prisons who dedicate all of their time to their rehabilitation.

Prison Yoga Project

Supporting incarcerated people with trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness practices to promote rehabilitation, reduce recidivism, and improve public safety.

Project Rebound at SFSU

Supporting the formerly incarcerated on their journey through successful reintegration in a college setting.

Root and Rebound

Working to transfer power and information from the policy and legal communities to the people most impacted by our criminal justice system, so that the law serves, rather than harms, low-income communities and communities of color in the U.S.

The Freedom To Choose Project

The Freedom to Choose Project (FTC) is all about redemption and the power of second chances. We assist men and women in stepping free of past identifications as “criminals” and re-identifying themselves as valuable members of our society.

TheatreWorkers Project

Dedicated to providing opportunities for members of underserved communities to tell their stories through the medium of theatre and to providing classical and contemporary theatre experiences that reflect and illuminate the human condition.

Ahimsa Collective

Working to respond to harm in ways that foster wholeness for everyone.

Arts for Incarcerated Youth Network

An interdisciplinary collaborative that provides exceptional arts programming in order to build resiliency and wellness, eliminate recidivism, and transform the juvenile justice system.

BayNVC Safer Communities Project

Teaching nonviolent communication classes to incarcerated people at San Quentin State Prison and in jails in Sonoma County

California Reentry Institute

Preparing men for and supporting them through the transition from incarceration to freedom, assisting them in being contributing members of society.  Proving that with preparation and support, the cycle of incarceration can be broken.

Choices for Freedom

Intervening to deter youth and adults from entering the criminal justice system and interrupting the cycle of mass incarceration.

Coaching for Healing, Justice and Liberation

Coaching for Healing, Justice and Liberation aims to weave in patterns of liberation into the fabric of our lives. Liberation begins with the identification of how we are impacted by interlocking systems of oppression. Through coaching support we can see that the psychological and symbolic iron shackles that limit us are in fact open.

Creative Acts

Creative Acts is an organization that seeks to transform urgent social justice issues through the revolutionary power of the Arts; to heal trauma, build community, raise power, and center the voices of those who are or have been incarcerated

Getting Out by Going In

Providing Prisoner Leadership Training, Peer Coach Education, and positive decision making tools to any prisoners wanting to make positive changes.


IMPACT (Incarcerated Men Putting Away Childish Things) is designed to help break the power and influence gangs and violence wield. 

Concerned About Recovery Education (CARE) maintains and expands our recovery community supportive services so that all persons seeking a healthy and safe supportive environment will have the opportunity to reside within one.

InsideOUT Writers

Reducing the juvenile recidivism rate by providing a range of services that evolves to meet the needs of currently and formerly incarcerated youth and young adults.

Jail Guitar Doors

Providing musical instruments and mentorship to help rehabilitate prisoners through the transformative power of music. 

Prison Arts Project - William James Association

Bringing the arts to institutionalized individuals is based in the belief that participation in the artistic process significantly affects a person’s self-esteem and general outlook on the world.

Project Rebound at CSUS

CSUS Project Rebound works to transform those who are formerly incarcerated into scholars through counseling, mentoring, academic resources, and career development.

Re:store Justice

Re-imagining and reforming our criminal justice system to be one of true inclusion and justice.


Stewarding sustainable shifts in systems and cultures towards equity and liberation through strategic consulting and restorative practices.

The Last Mile

Preparing incarcerated individuals for successful reentry through business and technology training.

UnCommon Law

Delivering trauma-informed, healing-centered mental health and legal counseling to help provide a safe pathway home for people currently serving lengthy prison terms in California prisons.

All of Us or None

A grassroots civil and human rights organization fighting for the rights of formerly- and currently- incarcerated people and our families.

Asian Prisoner Support Committee

Asian Prisoner Support Committee (APSC) provides direct support to Asian and Pacific Islander (API) prisoners and raises awareness about the growing number of APIs being imprisoned, detained, and deported.

Boundless Freedom Project

Lighting a path to freedom by sharing mindfulness, ethics & compassion practices with people impacted by incarceration.

Catalyst Foundation

Dedicated to creating a healing society.

Claremont Critical Justice Education

The Claremont Colleges-wide Critical Justice Education program brings the strengths of higher education and the liberal arts to bear in the current bipartisan national effort to create a more just incarceration system.

Community Works West

Empowering people impacted by incarceration, and using our work on the front lines to advocate for a more humane criminal justice system.

Defy Ventures

An entrepreneurship, employment, and leadership training program that serves people with criminal histories.

Guiding Rage into Power (GRIP)

Organizing initiatives that create the personal and systemic change to transform violence and suffering into opportunities for learning and healing.

Initiate Justice

Ending mass incarceration by activating the power of the people it directly impacts.

Insight Garden Program

Facilitating an innovative curriculum combined with vocational gardening and landscaping training so that people in prison can reconnect to self, community, and the natural world.

Lioness Tale Prison Project

Bringing transformational tools for spiritual freedom and emotional literacy to women serving long term to life prison sentences at the Central California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla.

Prison Education Project

Expanding educational opportunities for inmates in 14 California correctional facilities.

Project Rebound at Fresno State University

Helping formerly incarcerated individuals successfully reintegrate into society via higher education.

ReEvolution Group

Facilitating circles of intergenerational healing and support to reduce the risk of incarceration and recidivism.

Success Stories

Facilitating workshops that help people at high risk of committing patriarchal violence overcome harmful gender behaviors and be their highest selves.

The Place4Grace

Providing services and programs aimed at restoring families and advocating for children impacted by incarceration.

Yolo Conflict Resolution Center

YCRC helps individuals and communities resolve conflicts, address interpersonal harms, and restore relationships through restorative justice and mediation services

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