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Mannie Thomas III 

Success Stories

Mannie served 15 years of a 32 years to Life sentence before he was commuted by Governor Jerry Brown in 2018. He holds 5 Associates Degrees in multiple disciplines. After being found suitable for parole release in 2019 he began working for the Success Stories Program as the Growth Coordinator and has recently been promoted to Co-Director. Mannie has been recognized for his knowledge and leadership by BEAM (Black Emotional And Mental Health Collectective) and is now a part of their Black Masculinity Reimagined Leadership Committee. Mannie understands the power that comes with sharing our stories and has written and edited for online publications. 


He strongly believes in collective healing and being a community advocate which is why he collaborates with Initiate Justice and facilitates men’s healing circles. It is Mannie’s strong belief that people can be given what they need in society to transform and not be subjected to isolation and trauma. He has dedicated his life to ensure that people have that opportunity and not commit the same harm that he did.