Insight Garden Program


"I am excited to continue to build our collective voice and power to advocate for the expansion, support and creation of quality transformative programs for the men and women incarcerated in CA. I am super excited to work with this amazing group of people who have expertise, heart and lots of fierce courage."

The Catalyst Foundation


"I'm eager to take a more direct role in the activism necessary to transform the CDCR into something better and more responsive to the needs of the men and women inside. I can't wait to dive in and get started!"

The Claremont Colleges


"I’m excited to be a part of the TPW Leadership team because I believe in the power of education and transformative healing in prison programs, and I know that if we harness our collective energy, we have the power to positively impact California’s prisons while dismantling mass incarceration."

Boundless Freedom Project


"Ayla is honored to represent Buddhist Pathways Prison Project on the leadership team. Ayla is passionate about cultivating human potential within systems of oppression. Ayla believes the work the TPW and its member organizations are doing directly contributes to cultivating our human potential and healing systemic trauma."

Ahimsa Collective


"The reason I wanted to join the leadership team is to bring my life experiences from the inside and outside to the team in hopes of bringing about meaningful change to the system in place. On a personal note I want more of the experience of working with a team that is building the plane as we fly."

California Inside-Out
Prison Exchange


Success Stories


"I am excited to join TPW's groundbreaking work to end mass incarceration by moving resources from prisons and punishment towards healing and transformation. I consider this mission part of my life's work."

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