Genea Richardson

Healing Dialogue & Action

Genea Richardson was sentenced to 26 years to life and served 18 years of that sentence before she was released by California’s Senate Bill 1437. She has been home for one year. During this time she has worked with the TPW, Healing Dialogue and Action, and has served  as a member of the Los Angeles Regional Reentry Partnership.


Genea helps women who are still incarcerated and is learning through her reentry journey how to better assist those who will come after her. She supports the healing of those who have been affected by crime and injustice through presence, love and restorative justice.


She is committed to creating an atmosphere that brings understanding to help people heal from their trauma and mend much-needed bridges in their communities. Through these experiences, Genea hopes to manifest her greatest potential which, in turn, will help her better help others through wisdom, love and connectedness.