The TPW welcomes your application for membership to connect and incite change with other leaders for the sake of freedom, healing and liberation. We are a collective of in-prison program providers committed to high quality programming in prisons. Our collective is unique for its emphasis on programming and community-building. Our members support one another to promote ideas beyond the practices of individual members. Each member brings vision, commitment, skills, and work-ethic to the collective; in turn, each member benefits equally from the TPW’s resources and reach.


In-prison program providers have the opportunity to join the TPW in our mission to ensure that all people living in California prisons have access to meaningful, high quality programs, and to accelerate the impact of recent sentencing reforms towards our North Star goal of decarceration. 


Organizations join the TPW  because they believe in our mission. Organizations both contribute and depend on the TPW to advocate for their programs as well as advocate for the participants of the programs inside prison. The collective is stronger than the individual. The TPW has the ability to track legislation, become informed and share information  on the issues that in-prison program providers face, and effectively and strategically communicate with elected officials and CDCR on behalf of the organizations. 


The TPW allows for individual membership for people who work or volunteer in in-prison programming, re-entry services, or another related field. Individual members join to learn, contribute to the TPW and its mission, and find a community of like-minded people. Individual members may serve on committees, apply to be a part of the Leadership Team, and attend the annual TPW convening.


There are no membership dues or contracts associated with the TPW. We do ask that individuals and organizations lend their experience and expertise as we collectively advocate for in-prison programming. Some TPW Members engage by joining a working committee (Advocacy & Negotiations, Narrative & Communications, Mobilizing & Organizing, or the Technology Working Group). Other members choose to engage by supporting direct advocacy with CDCR, help to host webinars, or more generally by being thought partners in the work