© Transformative In-Prison Workgroup

Timeline of Development and Accomplishments:

Over the past three years, the TPW has grown from an experimental think-tank funded by the Kalliopeia Foundation, into a statewide network that is cultivating relationships between in-prison program providers and helping to influence California state policy.


April | TPW is founded, group establishes scope/goals, assesses opportunities and stakeholders
June | Group meets with Ella Baker Center on the state budget processes
July | TPW meets with the Legislative Analyst's Office to introduce the network, and its impact on the people served, and more largely, the criminal justice system.
November | To assess interest in the field for creating an statewide association/network, for collaboration and workshoping shared challenges, the TPW sends out a statewide survey to in-prison programmers and receives 65 responses.


February | TPW convenes 30 attendees representing 15 organizations running in-prison programs from across California. Groups enthusiastically support the need for a statewide network to build relationships and share promising practices across the state. As a result of the convening, an advisory team and two workgroups are created.
October | Two TPW representatives and two formerly-incarcerated program participants present to the California Criminal Justice Funders Group about the burgeoning TPW network and the important role that transformative and healing in-prison programs play in rehabilitation and criminal justice reform.
December | Group meets CDCR Director of Rehabilitation Programming, Brant Choate, and legislative staffers Julie Salley-Gray and Marvin Deon to discuss TPW’s accomplishments and future goals.


April | TPW sends memo to the Public Safety Budget Committee members: Senator Shirley Weber, Senator Nancy Skinner, and Committee staffers: Jennifer Kim, Marvin Deon, and Chris Francis. The memo requests meetings with key legislative and CDCR stakeholders to address the goals and mission of the TPW network.
April | TPW hires part-time coordinator, Caitlin Dunklee.
May | TPW joins a convening of CDCR Innovation Grantees in Sacramento, organized by Karen McDaniel, Place4Grace.
June | TPW forms a Leadership Committee and expands its core membership.
September | TPW meets with CDCR officials, Brant Choate, Connie Gipson, Kevin Hoffman, and Jill Brown as well as Senate staff members, Marvin Deon, Chris Francis, Amy Alley, and John Skoglund to introduce the work of TPW, and address the challenges to running in-prison programs, and the need for sustainable funding.
October | TPW holds conference call with CDCR official, Ryan Souza about the challenges in-prison programs face with sustainable funding and the upcoming evaluation of rehabilitative programs in California prisons.
October | TPW hosts Breaking Isolation and Building Collective Power: A Statewide Convening in Support of In-Prison Programs, with 60 leaders from 34 organizations.